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Financial Planning

Throughout our lives, from starting a career in our 20’s to embarking on retirement in our 60’s or 70’s, we always wonder if we will have enough. Enough to pay for our children’s education needs, enough to cover that boat or vacation home, or just enough to pay for the type of retirement we want. In many cases, people wing it, hoping they’re putting enough away in savings to afford their future goals. That philosophy ultimately can leave us with a discouraging denouement – we’ve run out of time to make better decisions.

There’s a much better approach that takes the guesswork out of this complex analysis – assembling a financial plan. You start the process by outlining the future goals that are most important to you – taking care of loved ones, starting a business, traveling the world, or volunteering. Once we know what you want to do, we then begin to look at how we’re going to achieve this picture – through saving and investing. Based on your saving and investing patterns, we’ll be able to look at multiple scenarios and help you decide if any trade-offs need to be made. Ultimately you’ll get to paint the picture that suits your lifestyle and earnings potential. Without knowing how all these pieces fit together, the retirement picture you have in your head may never match up with the reality of your paycheck.

Here’s the best part about our planning process – the financial plan we’ve assembled will grow with you. As you age, your goals most likely will change, as will your savings potential and investment options. Our process allows for easy revisions to your plan so that you continually end up in a place that meets all of your long term objectives. If you’re so inclined, you can run your own scenarios as well – our model is totally user friendly.

While you’re accumulating the means to afford your goals, ugly risks that can derail your progress are always out there. Let us help you ensure you have those risks covered, since unforeseen events (like a fire, injury, or accident) can seriously dent your plans. We can assist with all kinds of insurance coverages including life, disability, auto, umbrella, and long term care. Having these areas understood and covered is an important part of the planning process.

As you can see, financial planning is so much more than picking the right investments and assembling a diversified portfolio. It involves goal setting, savings, taxes, risk assessment, and estate planning. We can help you make sense of all these areas.

Why gamble with your future? You work much too hard to leave your future to chance. Put yourself in the driver’s seat. Take the time to sit with us for an initial complementary review and see how we can help you shape the future you want. Your upfront cost is only your time. This preparatory step is absolutely worth your attention.