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Wealth Management

Congratulations, you have accumulated a significant nest egg that you wish to preserve and grow for yours and your family’s future needs or even philanthropic wishes. You arrived at this stage in your life on your own with input from other advisors such as accountants, attorneys, brokers and insurance agents. So why do you need a wealth manger now? Maybe you are busier than ever with your career or business or it is finally time to spend more quality family time.

Fact is that many people arrive at a point in life where they are simply looking to reduce the complications of dealing with a myriad of advisors and like the idea of having a quarterback to manage their team.

At FPNW our definition of wealth management is to provide a high-level of professional financial advice and service that includes financial planning, investment advice, accounting and tax services, estate preservation, debt planning and insurance.

In simpler terms, we want to be the friend of the family that you can count on for independent advice for all your financial matters.

Areas of expertise:

Financial Planning

The planning process is an in-depth evaluation of your overall financial picture, which involves analyzing your financial data and defining your goals. The outcome of this process is a customized financial plan that includes a consolidated statement of assets and liabilities. In addition to this financial snapshot, your plan illustrates how your goals map to your current financial situation and offers specific recommendations on how to achieve your goals. Once your plan is complete, you choose whether or not to implement our suggestions. You are in total control.

Economists and other financial experts tell us that implementing and monitoring a well-designed and comprehensive financial plan will help you reach financial independence. Financial independence can mean different things to different people, but for many it means the ability to retire with enough assets and income to maintain their lifestyle while providing for their loved ones. 

Asset Management

We start by measuring and evaluating your investment objectives and tolerance for risk, and answering questions like: 

  • What is a reasonable rate of return to plan on? 
  • What is the investment mix for you? 
  • How will inflation and taxes affect your investments?

Answering these questions will help us build the right investment program to fulfill your dreams without risking your lifestyle. We then allocate your assets across multiple classes of investments in an effort to balance investment risk and return. Our investment approach is highly disciplined and based on extensive research and rational fundamental analysis. Research allows us to base investment decisions on knowledge rather than intuition or passing fads. We populate each asset allocation model with a selection of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and other investments to ensure appropriate diversification. 


Insurance (Life, Health, Disability, and Long-term Care)

In order to protect your family, business and assets, it is necessary to first safeguard your most important asset – your income. The least expensive and most financially intelligent method is through Insurance. Our contracts with the major insurance carriers enable us to provide the lowest cost insurance products from the largest, most highly rated insurance companies. Click here to learn more.

Education Planning

Planning for your children or grandchildren’s education is probably one of the most important goals you have. Education planning involves designing an investment strategy that addresses the education requirements of your family. Specifically, it involves forecasting what your needs will be and helping you set aside enough funds to meet those needs. 

We help you develop a plan of action based on how much time until the first child goes off to school, your consideration of public or private school, and the investment returns expected. We will help you select the appropriate option from the many educational saving instruments available, including 529 plans, UGMAs (Uniform Gift/Transfer to Minors Act Account), Education IRAs, Education Tax Credits, Prepaid Tuition Plans, and saving through traditional CDs and bank accounts. We can help you plan accordingly so that you will be ready for the next stage of your child or grandchild’s educational growth.

Estate Planning

After a lifetime spent accumulating assets, most people have a desire to keep businesses, real estate, and other assets intact for future generations, or to bequeath these assets to charity. Passing assets takes careful planning. We can help with that process by performing a comprehen­sive evaluation of family and business assets and liabilities, as well as identifying ways to protect your business and personal assets with tax mitigation strategies and estate liquidity planning.

Post-retirement Medical Reimbursement Plans

The cost of medical care and loss of medical insurance after leaving employment have become the two largest disincentives for early retirement. FPNW can help you proactively plan for this situation without sacrificing broader retirement goals.